About Me

I thought about putting my “resume” on my About Me page, but really, do you need to know all that?  In a nutshell, my background is heavy on entrepreneurship, managing people, consulting on business efficiencies and talking… a lot!  These days, unfortunately, I am not working much while I deal with a lot of health issues. However, I hope to get past this all some day. Mind you, my writing skills are just awful, so I do hope you will cut me some slack when reading my dribble.

Marneen.com was however created by me as a virtual home away from home on the internet.   It began as a platform showing the details of a project about a family that lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and got a new start elsewhere, with the help of many incredible people.   You can follow that story trail on this site as well, quite a journey.  The website then blossomed into a place for my personal photos, rants and links to some of my friends’ projects as well.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Marneen Zahavi