Mattingly Q & A with a fan


October 4th, 1995

Game 2 Division Series

Don Mattingly follows Ruben Sierra’s home run with one of his own in the bottom of the 6th inning to give the Yankees their first lead of the night. In what would be considered one of the greatest games in division series history, clocking in at 5 hours and 12 minutes (was also the longest playoff game at the time), that Mattingly home run is what will always be remembered by one Yankee fan.

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The Greatest Victories in Sports

What defines a great win in sports? I think more than anything it is the manner in which the game played itself out in relation to the expectations coming into the contest itself.  When a team clearly exceeds what is expected of them to seize a championship which to me defines a great game.  I have chosen a few of these games that I deem the best of all time.  I would not need to find discount tickets online to watch these great contests unfold.

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Little Things Make the Big Things Possible

UCLA Legendary Basketball coach John Wooden famously stated this belief many years ago and you can apply it to any sporting activity and also to any activity in your life.  If you do the small and seemingly simple tasks well, you will find the bigger and seemingly more difficult tasks are easier to complete.  It doesn’t matter what sport you watch, simply get some low priced tickets to watch a professional team play and if they are a good team they will consistently demonstrate this tenant.

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NBA age limit: Gift or Curse?

Father's Day 2012 Memorabilia

LeBron JamesKobe BryantKevin Garnett. These guys are physical freaks of nature and their skill levels coming out of high school were head and shoulders above anyone else their own age. Due to this, they decided to skip college and take their talents straight to the pros,

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Man’s Best Friend and so much more than that.

The Mighty Puc
A Better Companion there was not.

When I think about the greatest friends I have and have ever had, I can’t help but think of Puc.  Puc, a Rottweiler/Terrier mix, was truly an incredible friend and companion.

Puc came into my life in May of 1999, he picked me, I did not pick him.  I went to Bide-A-Wee adoption center in Manhattan to get a dog to keep with me at my shop in LIC.  My good friend John Ames and I went together, John being a huge dog lover himself. Admittedly, he convinced me to take the leap.

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Friendship and Wedding Bliss

So, at long last, one of my last single very close guy friends is taking the plunge into wedded bliss.  Gotta say, this guy was one of the real holdouts, or so I thought.

I have many friends, many good friends, some close friends and then there is my “Crew”.  David Bressler is from the “Crew”.  Nobody knows me better than my “Crew” and these are the folks that I know will be part of my life til the end……and beyond.  So being able to go to this wedding, as I have done with the rest of the Crew, is more special than words can possibly convey.

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Stupid or inconsiderate?

Is it just me or do others feel the same way, have people gotten stupider over the years or just much more inconsiderate? We all know what happens if you give a cashier some change after he already punched the amount he tendered into the register. So I think we can all agree, that is definitely on the stupidity end.
What about the person who stops their car in the left lane when there is a ton of traffic coming up behind them, forcing everyone behind them to slam on their brakes. The reason they stopped was because his right hand turn was coming up and instead of continuing on to the next intersection or exit which would have added a few extra minutes to their trip, and not risk a rear end collision, they decided the hell with everybody else, it’s all about me. Is this stupidity or inconsideration?

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