Joe DiMaggio Superstar


Joe DiMaggio was one of sport’s superstars and his life had some odd twists in the end.   He was one of baseball’s great players, the only player ever to be selected for the all-star game every year in which he played,   has a standing record of 56 games with a hit, and was voted the baseball Hall of Fame in 1955.  The son of Italian immigrants Joseph Paul DiMaggio was expected to follow his father in occupational choice:  fisherman.  This was the height of the California sardine trade and there was more than enough work for everyone.  Unfortunately the smell of fish made Joe sick.  He started

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One “Hal” of a Pitcher

A look back at Newhouser’s back-to-back MVP’s

He was known quite simply as “Prince Hal” by friend and foe alike. His career spanned across two decades (1940’s and 1950’s) of which he was arguably considered the most dominant starting pitcher in the game; a time where fellow pitching greats such as Bob Feller, Dutch Leonard, Robin Roberts, Whitey Ford, and Warren Spahn toed the rubber. His Hall of Fame credentials speak for themselves: A sparkling 3.06 career ERA, 207 wins, 33 shutouts, and

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The Memories Of A Lifetime

There are many different kind of memories that we all accumulate throughout life.  There are memories of our family members who have helped guide us through life.  There are memories of friends who have helped to make the journey of life more enjoyable.  There are memories of love and romance that supply us with the spice that makes life so interesting.  To me there are a group of memories that have combined all of these different relationships together into one and that is my many memories involving the Boston Red Sox.

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Little Things Make the Big Things Possible

UCLA Legendary Basketball coach John Wooden famously stated this belief many years ago and you can apply it to any sporting activity and also to any activity in your life.  If you do the small and seemingly simple tasks well, you will find the bigger and seemingly more difficult tasks are easier to complete.  It doesn’t matter what sport you watch, simply get some low priced tickets to watch a professional team play and if they are a good team they will consistently demonstrate this tenant.

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Why Coaching Sports is So Great

When you make the decision to get into coaching you will have a great opportunity to influence other people, teach the game you love, experience the thrill of competition, and help another individual realize their potential and you will be able to accomplish goals as part of a team that may be near impossible in society at large.  One of the most important things that you can do is to have fun coaching and the rest will follow seamlessly.  You will feel giddy like you bought tickets below face value to the Super Bowl.

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