Why Coaching Sports is So Great

When you make the decision to get into coaching you will have a great opportunity to influence other people, teach the game you love, experience the thrill of competition, and help another individual realize their potential and you will be able to accomplish goals as part of a team that may be near impossible in society at large.  One of the most important things that you can do is to have fun coaching and the rest will follow seamlessly.  You will feel giddy like you bought tickets below face value to the Super Bowl.

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A manager’s dilemma – Dress Code

What do you do when an employee dresses “inappropriately” in an office without an official or rigid dress code?

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I have seen this problem rear it’s head many times and in different scenarios.

Scenario #1 – An employee that wears, what some would call offensive, explicit T-shirts.  Not everyone is offended, but one or two employees may be.  As a manager, you may not think the shirt is offensive, however, you still need to be responsive to the complaining employee.  In this scenario I would suggest having the complaining employee email you their complaint, or verbalize with witness present.  After doing so, you can approach the “offending” employee and ask them not to wear that shirt to the office again.  You need not reveal the identity of the complaining employee at this point or ever if it matter is put to rest.

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Poor Management Skills in the NYPD?

So I took off to a quiet place to read the paper this morning. Not my usual choice, NY Daily News, but nonetheless a glance at the daily happenings. The one article that stood out to me was the one about the two NYPD cops getting reprimanded for tossing a ball with some neighborhood kids in the Bronx.

For starters, one thing that the article etiher failed to mention or did not have the information is whether or not they just threw a ball back and forth for a few minutes or were spending considerable time doing so.  I think that point is actually crucial in making a determination as to whether or not it was improper.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s say the officers were doing this for a few minutes.

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