Taking the kids along…….ahhhh!

Many people avoid long outings with infants or toddlers. The stress of keeping track of small children, hushing crying babies and entertaining toddlers during a lengthy event often means sports fans put their entertainment needs on hold until the entire family is able to enjoy the outing. The same holds true for trips to the theater, concerts, Broadway and other venues. Although carrying a toddler or infant along for an evening of Shakespeare is probably not a good idea, many families enjoy football, hockey, soccer and other sporting events together from the earliest years.

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Additional Savings for Family Entertainment Outings

It is one thing to score cheap tickets to concerts or sports events. If the venue is out of town, families on a budget may need more than discount tickets to make the trip affordable. If you are planning an overnight trip for a Broadway show, football game or music concert, here are a few ways you can save on travel, lodging and food.

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