Stupid or inconsiderate?

Is it just me or do others feel the same way, have people gotten stupider over the years or just much more inconsiderate? We all know what happens if you give a cashier some change after he already punched the amount he tendered into the register. So I think we can all agree, that is definitely on the stupidity end.
What about the person who stops their car in the left lane when there is a ton of traffic coming up behind them, forcing everyone behind them to slam on their brakes. The reason they stopped was because his right hand turn was coming up and instead of continuing on to the next intersection or exit which would have added a few extra minutes to their trip, and not risk a rear end collision, they decided the hell with everybody else, it’s all about me. Is this stupidity or inconsideration?
Since we are a on the subject of driving, how about the lane merge hogs? You know what I’m talking about, they’re the guys that when one lane of traffic is closed they have to drive as far as they can and squeeze themselves in at the last second. Their reasoning is that by going those few extra feet they will save a whole minute off their trip, maybe even two. On the other hand is the person who will not let anyone in. He rides on the bumper of the car in front of him daring anyone to try and merge. God forbid he loses a second or two. Why can’t everyone just do what they are supposed to do and let every other car in? It would save time and aggravation, is this stupidity or inconsideration?
I can babble all day about driving, but what about the supermarket? I love the person that gets on the express check out which has a limit of ten items and they clearly have thirteen, when you mention this to them in a polite manner, they look at you as if you had two heads. Hey maybe they can’t read or count, or they say “it’s only a couple of more what’s the big deal?” The big deal is I only have two items and I’m following the rules! With this persons logic what’s to stop the next few people who are waiting patiently in the correct checkout lines who have twelve, fourteen and twenty items not to get on this line as well? Hey why have an express line at all? Is this stupidity or inconsideration?
How about the person who watches everything the cashier rings up and then when it’s time to pay they look like a deer in the headlights. Was it was a surprise that they were actually going to have to pay for the items that were just rung up? This same person then and only then slowly opens up there purse or wallet and takes their time counting out the exact change. I ask you stupidity or inconsideration?
I could go on all day with my pet peeves but I wouldn’t want to bore you, (trying to be considerate here,) but I do have one more annoyance that I have to let out. What happened to the thank you or the smile is that so hard to do. If someone lets you in when you are trying to merge into traffic, put up your hand to say thank you. If someone holds the door open for you a simple thank you is the right thing to say, it’s really not that hard.
A smile could go a long way as well. If someone smiles at you, smile back it won’t even cost you anytime and it might even make you feel good. I had a woman friend once say to me “I don’t smile back because I don’t want someone to get the wrong impression.”
“What impression?” I ask.
“That I may be leading them on,” she answered. Oh this has me thinking that the same mental midget who might think you are leading him on for returning a smile won’t want to smash you in the head for being a stuck up bitch? Again I ask you stupidity or inconsideration?