Playing Golf Can Improve Your Life

Playing the game of golf can provide your life with many benefits, increased hand eye coordination, physical fitness; enhanced social skills and a stronger mental toughness are all benefits of this great game.  You can work your tail off or you can play once or twice a week and still reap the bushels of benefits the game of golf provides.  Golf doesn’t have to be expensive either you can often find discount tickets online to the best local courses in your area.

Being an athlete involves being able to perform cardio vascular tasks and being able to perform highly skilled physical acts like walking and jumping on a balance beam or perfectly striking a golf ball.  As you continue to play golf you will not be able to stop yourself from becoming more accurate and deft with your hand eye coordination.  Being able to hit a golf ball regardless of lie, slope of terrain or obstacles in the way will increase your hand eye coordination.

Socially golf will allow you to make and maintain friendships with like minded people.  There are very few people who play golf regularly who are not good people, because it takes a good person to be able to handle the frustration the game continually provides and to keep coming back for more punishment.  If a person has character flaws, they will be revealed during the course of a round of golf.  Most people if they are not willing to work on their issues will not enjoy the game.  I have met many people on the golf course and I have never met a jerk, because golf is too hard a game for jerks to play.  I have even had people I just met share tickets below face value to many events away from golf.  Yes, most golfers are good people.

Golf can provide you with physical fitness, if you try to make it more physical.  Sometimes you have to ride in a cart, because of the course you are on or because of time, but if you most often choose to walk and forgo taking a cart, golf can give you good work out.  When you think about it, anytime you can take a four to five hour walk it can’t be a bad thing, and if you are consistent in your efforts you will increase your heart health and lose weight.  You should try to avoid drinking to excess when you are golfing.  Consuming alcohol will never help you become physically fit or allow you to be the best you can be.  It won’t do you any good to walk the course and burn a ton of calories if you are just going to drink them right back up immediately afterwards.  Have a diet cola and relax.

Perhaps the greatest reward for playing golf is the opportunity to increase your mental toughness.  This happens by being able to enhance your ability to focus.  When you have poor focus you will not be “in the moment” of what you are doing.  There are a million distractions that can move your mind off of the matter at hand, which is playing golf.  One of the easiest distractions is watching the score of the person you are playing with.  No matter how good or bad they are doing, it will not help your score.  Another distraction you can have is to start to think ahead of where you are.  You have just hit a great shot and you have two feet for birdie.  Instead of focusing on that two foot putt, I tend to have my mind to assume it is already in and drift into the next hole.  You know what happens next; you miss the two foot putt and then hit your next drive in the woods.  A good round starts to go bad quickly.  Most of us have difficulties at that point to try to turn things around.  Learning to accept the mistakes on the golf course and not let them ruin the rest of your round is one of the greatest skills you can learn from this game.  Stay focused in the moment and you will find your game increasing.

There can be no argument that if you play the game of golf you will be presented with the opportunity to improve yourself in the many ways discussed here.  Most of all though, you will have the chance to have fun, improve yourself and develop an activity that you can participate in for a lifetime.