BCS Playoffs? That’s a clown system, bro

I don’t watch much college football. I’m not a huge fan of the system that uses these kids to make billions of dollars and the talent don’t get to participate in the revenue sharing. Sure they get a free college education at a top school which is nothing to sneeze at.However a college kid is still a college kid. Kids that pay to go to that same college or get academic scholarships can still get a job if he/she chooses to. The college athlete cannot. If the local tattoo joint enjoys your talent and wants to give you a freebie in exchange for you telling your friends where you got it, the student athlete is in trouble. But that’s another blog for another day.
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I see enough of it on sports tv to understand who’s good and who’s not. I follow the USC Gamecocks a little bit because I work in Columbia SC and the number one college recruit in the country a year ago hails from the town I live in now and chose to go to USC. I wouldn’t declare to know a thing about the workings of the BCS system, but I know that I’ve never really liked it. From what I hear, someone gets screwed every single year and there’s always arguments about who should be where. I always hear things like strength of schedule, undefeated teams and Boise St. It seems easy to me, if you beat everyone on your schedule you probably deserve the opportunity to play for the championship above a team that has lost a game. But that might actually make too much sense. Telling Utah or Boise St that their undefeated season isn’t as good as LSU losing a game to me it sounds like, we can make more money by putting LSU in the title game. So to end all the controversy, let’s just have a playoff like any other self respecting sport, may the best man win. Wait, what?

4 teams. Chosen by some guys in a room with the best interest of the system in mind. The best interest being who’s gonna make us the most money for two more weeks. Here’s the first year of the new playoff system: Auburn, LSU, USC (California), and a second tier superpower like Nebraska or Oklahoma will play at Cowboy stadium. Only two of those teams will have an undefeated season. Still leaving behind tons of teams that played their behinds off and beat whomever was in front of them. So what’s the answer Doc? I don’t have it either. There’s no way they can do a NCAA basketball type thing, those kids are gonna break their necks playing that many extra games. But here’s an idea. There’s 11 conferences, take the winner in each conference and then take your little committee and vote on a wild card team and you have a 12 team playoff. Still with there being 125 teams playing that leaves a lot behind but at least the system makes sense and the regular season won’t be diminished because of a playoff system. They have to win it to be in it.
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