A History of the New York Yankees

Baseball is a game of national pride, a game beautified by many prestigious teams. The New York Yankees have garnered the love and respect of their fans unlike any other team. The Yankees moved to New York City in 1903, and were initially known as the New York Highlanders. It wasn’t until 1913, when they finally changed their official name to, what they are now known as, the New York Yankees.
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The Yankees are one of the most successful and respectable teams in the Major League Baseball (MLB). Having produced many great players, they are one of the most beloved teams with an extremely loyal fan base. Their success and financial dominance also makes them one of the most hated teams in the eyes of rival fans around the country. As a tribute to this great team, here is an overview of the history of the New York Yankees.

The club was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1901 and at that time was known as the Baltimore Orioles. It was also one of the eight charter franchises in the American League. During that time, the club was partially owned, as well as managed, by a person named John McGraw. As stated above, the club moved to New York City in 1903. This happened when the president of the Western League, Bancroft Johnson, requested for a team from the American League to compete against the then New York Giants. A vote was called for, resulting in the Baltimore Orioles moving to New York City.

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It is interesting to note that, the name Highlanders was used partly because the team used to play on high grounds, the Hilltop Park. However, the name Highlander was mainly chosen to serve tribute to a British Army infantry Regiment, known as the Gordon Highlanders. Surprisingly, the name of the president of the team during that time was Joseph Gordon.
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The New York Highlanders later made a move to Harlem Park in low altitude setting, away from Hilltop Park. The name Highlanders was not appropriate, and with a change in management, a change of title was inevitable. The name Yankees was actually coined by the media of that time, and finally in 1913 the club emerged as New York Yankees in the eyes of the world.
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The New York Yankees are known as one of the most financially dominating teams. The team’s dominance began when it came in the hands of military men Colonel Rupert and Captain Huston. The team was acquired by these men for a staggering price of $1,250,000. Colonel Rupert had inherited a brewery business which made him quite a bit of money, and he put that money to good use in order to make the Yankees a team full of winners.

One of the greatest signings of that time was the signing of the legendary Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was traded by Red Sox owner Harry Frazee who had his own financial concerns at that time. During his time with the Yankees, Babe Ruth came to be known as the greatest player ever. It is also interesting to note that, when Ruth left the Red Sox team, a curse was (apparently) laid on the Red Sox as they went without a World Series title for 86 years.

After the departure of Babe Ruth, the Yankees saw the emergence of many other great players, such as Lou Gehrig and, especially, Joe DiMaggio. Thanks to these great legends, the New York Yankees has climbed to such a position of fame and prowess   where no other team has ever reached.

There is no doubt in the fact that the New York Yankees are a team worthy of appreciation by every baseball fan across the globe. Hopefully, we will continue to see the Yankees play their beautiful game and produce many more great baseball legends. testing link gambling