2013 Yankees Prediction




I’m going to try and project what the Starting lineup is going to produce this year. Its very difficult to predict what will happen because injuries do occur, but its still worth a shot to try and predict the production. I will also try to predict some of the statistics for the Starting Pictures and Mariano Rivera as well.  I have left off middle relievers and bench players.

The age of the Yankees may finally start to show this year. The three main players that still exist from the dynasty years are pushing 40 (Rivera is 43 but hes not human) and many of their big free agent signings from recent years are showing decline. Suffice to say that this team is filled with savvy veterans who know how to play the game. I don’t think the Yankees will have a problem with their bats and I do expect a nice year from Youkilis and Hefner providing some nice power from the DH spot especially with that short porch out in right. I also see Ichiro having a turn back the clock year similar to what Jeter did last year, Ichiro doesn’t age apparently, like Mo and he still has a great eye at the plate. Playing with the Yankees last year gave him new life and he knows he has a better chance at winning a championship here then he did with Seattle. I was generous with Arod, I don’t even know if he will play at all this year and if he does he wont produce much. I expect Jeter to play well but I do not know if he can play as well as last year. Hes coming off a tough injury but hes a player and the captain so he should give the Yankees a good year. Cano is tough to predict, I think some fans almost hope he doesn’t get that contract now so he can give you an MVP like performance. Cano may be one of the best all around players in the game but can tend to look uninterested and bored out there, Yankee fans can only hope 200 million wont turn him into the next Arod contract.

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Name                           Pos      GP       R         H         2B       3B       HR      RBI     BB       AVG
Mark Teixeira              1B       105      55        95        20        0          18        65        65        260
Robinson Cano           2B       150      100      200      40        2          35        100      60        330
Kevin Youkilis             3B       130      75        125      20        1          25        85        60        275
Derek Jeter                  SS        150      85        190      30        2          12        55        40        285
Francisco Cervelli       C         80        25        60        10        0          3          30        20        230
Ichiro Suzuki               RF       160      85        205      30        5          15        70        17        310
Curtis Granderson       CF       155      110      150      25        6          40        125      75        280
Brent Gardner             LF       145      100      145      25        8          5          50        40        275
Travis Hefner              DH      100      40        60        15        0          20        55        45        255
Alex Rodriguez           DH      60        35        40        10        1          12        40        25        260


I’m worried about the pitching staff, outside of CC it is really a crap shot. Sabathia should give the Yankees another great year, since the Yankees signed him he has been extremely consistent and he has given the team no reason to believe otherwise. I think if Andy stays healthy he will give you a real solid year but I am not sold on the rest of the starters. Kuroda may be a fluke, Pineda was out all year, only has one year of work in the majors and rumor is he is scared to play in New York. Nova went from a great year to playing awful last year so who knows what he will do this year. If he can land somewhere in the middle the Yankees would take that.  


Name                             POS     GS      W        L           IP         BB        SO      ERA      SV
CC Sabathia                SP        32        18        10        210      50        210      3.20
Andy Pettitte              SP        28        15        7          170      65        140      3.90
Hiroki Kuroda             SP        25        10        12        200      60        160      4.20
Michael Pineda           SP        20        8          10        130      70        180      4.30
Ivan Nova                   SP        25        12        10        160      50        150      4.50
Phil Hughes                 SP        20        8          8          140      65        160      4.50
Mariano Rivera           RP       0          5          2          60        20        65        2.20     40


This division will be tough, the Orioles and Tampa Bay will be fighting the Yankees all year for the division. The Blue Jays upgraded a lot of talent in the off-season and should be better. The Red Sox, I don’t think will do much but they always play the Yankees hard.


Team                W        L

Yankees           94        68

Rays                93        69

Orioles             90        70

Blue Jays         87        73

Red Sox          74        88


Its tough to predict how far the Yankees will go into the playoffs, the Yankees are capable of making a big trade during the year whether by taking on a large salary or trading off farm players. Also certain match ups seem to cause NY problems come October, Detroit seems to own NY as of late and there’s not much reason to believe Texas wont be in the playoffs this year as well.

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To sum up expect much of the same with the Yankees. Although the team is getting older they do have guys who know how to play the game and have multiple world series rings to show for it. The Yankees will have problems in the next few years trying to rebuild on the fly and to replace  some of their aging stars with talented youth but for now the Yankees are still a team that has a realistic chance to go to the World Series and capture yet another trophy.

Would love to get your commentary below!