Poor Management Skills in the NYPD?

So I took off to a quiet place to read the paper this morning. Not my usual choice, NY Daily News, but nonetheless a glance at the daily happenings. The one article that stood out to me was the one about the two NYPD cops getting reprimanded for tossing a ball with some neighborhood kids in the Bronx.

For starters, one thing that the article etiher failed to mention or did not have the information is whether or not they just threw a ball back and forth for a few minutes or were spending considerable time doing so.  I think that point is actually crucial in making a determination as to whether or not it was improper.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s say the officers were doing this for a few minutes.

The author, John Marzulli, goes on to say that Deputy Chief James McNamara publicly berated them.  If that is what truely happened, and they were publicly “berated” in front of others (hence the term “publicly”), well, this McNamara needs to go thru some management training seminars.  He should have pulleed them aside and said his peace, whether he was right or wrong.

Now to the issue of the cops “tossing a ball”.

If in fact these officers were just spending a few minutes in community relations, then I say kudos to them.  I am a critic of wasted tax payers dollars, this in fact does may not qualify as a waste.

However, if these two officers were spending an exorbanant amount of time doing this and were doing so with the intention of avoiding there job duties, that would be a case of abuse and should indeed be dealt with.  What qualifies as an exorbanant amount of time, personally, I would think more than 15 minutes.

The Daily News article online shamefully had Vote Poll option.


If you ask me, putting that up was bad form too.  When asked just like that, without all the information, the first answer will be overwhelmingly chosen, as is the case.   That may indeed be putting the cart before the horse.

So…poor management?  Absolutely………..

Biased reporting…..indeed!

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