Yankees, Giants and Jets..Oh My!!


This is one of the ultimate greatest times of the year for all New Yorkers.

Even if you are not a sports fan, there are so many areas of discussion, regarding the Baseball Season, Football and other events, that make for topical conversation with anyone; male or female; old or young; wealthy or broke.


A-Rod and Jeter

Derek Jeter, everybody knows the shortstop of the Yankees, who are once again amidst the American League Baseball Playoffs, like clockwork. Can you get tickets? How will the weather be at the Stadium? The Autumn flavor reminds me that all too soon, we will be celebrating Halloween and having Thanksgiving dinner. Can Christmas and Hanukkah be that far behind? It is truly a great time to be a New Yorker, or even a tourist in New York, as the city is electrified with shows, and events, and there are getaways to enjoy some family fun time, apple picking, and viewing fall foliage. We react immediately to Colors. They are synonymous with our moods. Right now, we react in a positive, exuberant way to the Blue and Red of The Giants uniform, while the Gang Green of the Jets brings us anxiety and a feeling of disappointment. Yankee pinstripes give us power and confidence, and the Orange and Blue give us hope for the future, a youthful appearance and patience, that our time in the spotlight will be becoming soon. Enjoy this time, and Happy Holidays to all. -RT

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