Taking the kids along…….ahhhh!

Many people avoid long outings with infants or toddlers. The stress of keeping track of small children, hushing crying babies and entertaining toddlers during a lengthy event often means sports fans put their entertainment needs on hold until the entire family is able to enjoy the outing. The same holds true for trips to the theater, concerts, Broadway and other venues. Although carrying a toddler or infant along for an evening of Shakespeare is probably not a good idea, many families enjoy football, hockey, soccer and other sporting events together from the earliest years.

To make your family outing enjoyable and ensure you did not waste money on the tickets, here is a list of five must bring items parents should carry to sporting events.

Small Entertainment Options

Avoid annoying other spectators by packing small, quiet items. A hand-held video or educational game, a small coloring book and crayons or anything that will fit in a child’s pocket are great options. Toy cars, small dolls and books provide options for entertainment if your child becomes bored with the game.

Cold Drinks

If the venue allows you to bring your own drinks, pack a small cooler with water bottles and juice boxes. Avoid sodas, as they cause dehydration. Consider freezing juice the night before. When your child is hot, you can provide him with a juice slushy. Always bring cool water and formula for a baby.


Food at sports events is usually expensive and unhealthy. If the venue allows outside food, pack several small snacks for your child. Carrot sticks, pretzels and trail mix make great snack options.

Sunscreen and Shade

Bring appropriate sunscreen and make sure you use it. Consider bringing a small sun umbrella and children’s sunglasses to protect your kids from the sun.

Wet Wipes

An essential carry-on for anytime, wet wipes are great in a sports stadium. Restrooms usually offer little in the way of easy toddler clean up. You can use wet wipes after the restroom, after snacking, in case of spills and simply to cool a hot and cranky child.

Kids who attend sporting events early in life develop an appreciation as a fan. Increase the chances of your family enjoying sports together through proper preparation.

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