Gluten Free 101

Gluten Free Eating

Gluten is a protein compound normally found in bread products, including pasta and beer. During bread production, gluten adds structure and integrity to the dough, giving it its familiar shape and feel. Gluten is also an additive in many food items where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. Ice cream, lunch meat, salad dressing, candy, and breakfast cereals all potentially contain gluten as a filler. Although gluten is perfectly natural, a small percentage of people exhibit an extreme intolerance to the substance.

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Sports and Nutrition for children with Autism

     Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome both belong to what is known as the “Autism spectrum”.  Disorders that belong in this category are development disorders that deal with neurobiological aspect of the body.  Many children, depending on where they are on the spectrum can be very high functioning. Others have little spatial perception, reduced fine motor skills and cannot tolerate excessive amounts of sensory stimulation.

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Taking the kids along…….ahhhh!

Many people avoid long outings with infants or toddlers. The stress of keeping track of small children, hushing crying babies and entertaining toddlers during a lengthy event often means sports fans put their entertainment needs on hold until the entire family is able to enjoy the outing. The same holds true for trips to the theater, concerts, Broadway and other venues. Although carrying a toddler or infant along for an evening of Shakespeare is probably not a good idea, many families enjoy football, hockey, soccer and other sporting events together from the earliest years.

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