When will it end…..when we end it ourselves!

As I go thru the day, I find myself thinking about the Swastika incident in the neighborhood I grew up in.  I have always known that historically antisemitism rears it’s ugly head when the economy is at it’s worse.  It seems that people look for an easy scapegoat to lay their troubles on.  They choose not to blame themselves, work to improve their life or truly understand the nature of the problems we face today.  Rather they would like to turn and “blame the Jews”.

The question is….are we Jews really so bad?

In the area of Nobel prize winners,  Jews have captured a high percentage of them, considered how few of us there are.  Consider the following:

Nobel Prizes in ;

Chemistry – 20% of the world total.

Economics – 41% of the world total.

Literature – 12% of the world total

Peace – 9% of the world total.

Physics – 26% of the world total

Physiology – 27% of the world total.

Considering that the Jewish people are only 0.19% of the world’s population, I would think people would look at us as an asset.

So with all the debate regarding Iran and their threat against the nation of Israel, do we take it seriously?  I think the best way to answer that is to look historically at Iran’s actions.  Iran supports terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.  They support oppressive regimes like Assad of Syria.  Assad is killing off his own people to save his rule.

Hezbollah shoots rockets over the border at Israeli towns.  Women and children going about their day are constantly bombarded by people that are seeking to kill them.  What if it was your child?

Hamas continues it’s evil ways and kills Jews at every opportunity.

So, we know that Iran has no reservations in killing innocent people, as it arms and trains all of these killers.  These are not “just” acts of war, but in fact acts of terrorism designed to scare, kill and panic the masses.

Ahmadinejad of Iran has repeatedly called for and has promised to destroy the nation of Israel.  Sound familiar?

Here is a quote from another person who sought to wipe out the Jewish people.

…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.

-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

Back then the world sat by and stayed silent.  Back then the world did nothing for so long.  Back then….as it is now…..every liked to talk and take no action.  Back then, there was no IDF…..but there is now.  It is the obligation of the Israeli Defense Forces and every Jew to put all their efforts is stopping Iran and their plans to destroy the nation of Israel.  There should be no hesitation.  Yes, Israel has great allies…America, England and a few more.  However, none are facing the complete annihilation of there country and people.

Enough is enough…..we need to act now, at all costs…….





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