Things You Should Expect When Adopting A Puppy

Getting a puppy of their own is every child’s dream.  But let’s not fool ourselves, we adults really want one too. The good thing is that adopting a puppy or adult dog would be a great addition to your family and teach your kids how to take care of a pet. So, there are some important issues you should know about and consider before you go down that path.

The first thing you need to know is that a new puppy takes a lot of time and attention.  It nearly feels like a new born baby they need so much attention.  However,  it does get easier the older they get, but even adult dogs need attention.  Adult dogs and puppies, for the most part, are very playful and will need some things to keep them entertained or they’re likely to get into mischief.

Puppies should be trained in different areas as they age.  I personally have always trained my dogs myself, however, there are most likely training classes in your neighborhood. Your children would certainly benefit greatly if they attended those classes as well and learned how to interact with the family pet. There is a chain of videos I found interesting here.

Keep in mind that  dog ownership comes with mandatory expenses.  Regardless of what you calculate the costs to be, there will always be surprises along the way.  Expenses to certainly expect,  are food, vaccinations, toys, grooming and dog training.  If the little guy gets injured you’ll also find yourself visiting the vet and paying an expensive bill.  Keep in mind, there are health insurance policies for dogs out there, I personally have never tried one.  Ask your vet if they accept any and which ones they recommend.

Always remember, if you are adopting a puppy, they will grow.  How much they grow will depend on the breed.  Make sure you do your research and have an idea of what to expect.

Another thing to remember is that your dog will need lots of exercise.  If you’re a runner then this will be an easy option for you.  On the other hand, if you work long hours and get home all pooped out, taking the dog out for a walk does indeed become a chore. Dogs, for the most part, like to play with their toys and be active.  There are however some breeds that are less active so try to choose one of those if you prefer.

Space will be needed for your puppy/dog to play and sleep.  The larger the dog, of course, the larger the space needed.   Then again, you can always go the Paris Hilton way and get yourself a purse dog…..personally, I prefer dogs with a little more mass to them, but that’s just my preference.

Regardless of all that is needed to be aware of, adopting a puppy or adult dog is an incredible experience for the family.  You certainly won’t regret it in the long term.

Oh, one more thing to remember…..EXPECT to get greeted at the door by a pet that is so happy to see you!

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13 thoughts on “Things You Should Expect When Adopting A Puppy”

  1. Hey Marneen,

    Couple of other things to keep in mind –

    1 – Adopting a puppy (or a kitten, for that matter) should be a life-long commitment – Many people adopt without realizing how much work/expensive it is, and then dump them at the shelter (where, I hate to tell you, but they are often times killed due to lack of space, thanks to other nitwits who decide they dont want their pet anymore)

    2 – If you do work long hours, you will have to get a dog walker, which is pretty expensive (averages about $15 for a half hour walk in NYC)

    2 – How often do you travel and do you know someone who will look after your pet? If not, you will have to board them, which, again, is very expensive (and also tramatic for the animal)

    3 – I’m glad you said “adopt” – DO NOT BUY – You have no idea how many awesome pups are killed every year in shelters – dogs of every breed.

    Contact your local animal rescue when you are ready to adopt. A good place to start is


    Harris Bloom

  2. Hi Marneen,

    Good points…If I could make a couple, and just add on to what you said…

    1 – Getting a puppy (or kitten, for that matter) is a TEN to FIFTEEN year commitment. In other words, do not get one unless you are SURE that you want one.

    You have no idea how many idiots get puppies, see they cant handle them and give them to the shelter (where they are often killed due to lack of space)

    2 – You mentioned working long hours – If you do, you may have to get a dog walker, which, again, is pretty expensive (in NYC, it averages $15 a half hour)

    3 – If you travel a lot, you’re gonna need to have either a friend to take your pet or put them in boarding, which is also expensive (and can be tramatic for the pet – when I go away, I have someone house sit – costs like $50 a day)

    4 – I’m glad you wrote “adopt” – PLEASE, adopt before you shop! There are over 4,000,000 animals killed every year in shelters in the U.S. – A lot of them are even pure breeds.

    Many dogs that you see for sale were bred in puppy mills ( – look it up to see why you shouldn’t buy from them.

    So, check out adoptable dogs in your area by contacting a local rescue. This website is a great place to start –


    Harris Bloom

  3. One other suggestion…

    If you are positively sure that you want to make the commitment of having your own pet, most rescues/shelters will let you foster a dog, in other words, you will take it home until they can find a home for them – That way, you can see if you are ready for the responsibility before going all in!

    You may just end up as I am, a “failed foster” (i.e. someone who fostered a dog but ended up keeping him)

    Harris Bloom

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