Dogs that save lives


“The Discovery Channel” constantly airs stories about dogs that save the lives of their owners.

“A dog fights a bear in Toronto saving his owner Mark so and so;”
“A dog heroically wakes her owner Sally who escapes death in her burning house,” etc., etc.

Do you ever wonder whether you best bud can do the same for you, and more importantly, why?   Hopefully, one would never have to go through such an experience to find out; however I believe that dogs possess a sixth sense as well as an extremely advanced survival instinct that prompts them to rescue their owners.

These loyal companions may not only be pets, but also ‘working dogs’ as they are termed, such as police and rescue dogs and are trained from a very young age, as early as three weeks old.  Whatever breed your pooch is, or even if it is a stray dog – it must be given work to do in order to not only be loyal, but also obedient to you when needed.  Start with baby steps – use treats to reward your dog, like when he sits down when told to do so, or when he fetches a ball you throw to him.  Teach your dog to walk beside you when on a leash and tire him out with longer walks off the leash, perhaps in the woods or on the beach.  If you jog, take your dog with you and place a vest with two water bottles on his back so he feels that he has a job to do.

This will not only train your dog and develop his character, it will also make him feel happy, needed and cared for and he will return the favor, no question about it.  Probably with more licks all over your face…..but oh well.  🙂

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