Dogs are funny pets aren’t they?

One minute they are all over you – next minute they are fighting you in the death ring.

This is what I love about dogs – they have so much energy and love to give; they never run out of it.   If you are a dog lover you would write a weekly column about them – but you couldn’t because dogs are the kind of pets that just get in the way of your face or your keyboard when you try to write!   They are just extreme attention seekers and until they get the attention they want they will not leave you alone!

You know they will bite a ball and spit it out on you, rub on your face and eat your sneakers until you pay attention to them.  Of course training them helps, but even trained dogs never run out of energy.  When you are feeling blue and lonely your dog will never let you down.  It will always be there by your side drooling on your shoulder and listening to your moaning and this is what makes little Marley so special; it is the constant ear-licking and chin-bumping that just lightens up your miserable day and makes you smile.

So whenever you are feeling like you can’t be bothered just stroke your best bud, because he will always be there for ya’ll.

Anyone have any pictures of there dog licking there face?  I would LOVE to see that!