History of the NY Mets

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            The NY Mets have had some great victories along with devastating losses, but have withstood it all to still be a phenomenal baseball team. From their modest beginning in 1962, they have struggled through a few losing streaks, but then came back to win the world series in both 1969 and 1986.

            In 1965, the NY Mets was hit with another devastating blow by the loss of their longtime manager Casey Stengel. This loss lead them to another 100 game losing streak. It seemed like they would never come back until 1984 where they placed second in the National League East Title. This is what the NY Mets needed to raise their spirits and make a come back. 1985 produced a 98 win season for the NY Mets and gave them the footing they needed to go into the 1986 season.

New York Mets

           From 1991 thru 1993 the NY Mets were known as the worst team that money could buy. The 1993 season was so bad that the team ended with 103 losing streak. They experienced several coaching changes and many of the players had gotten themselves into trouble with the law. It was one of three of the worst season’s the Mets had experienced, but would not be the last.            1986 opened a whole new door for the Mets as they started out the season with great response from the crowds and team. Adding new team-mate Bob Ojeda gave them the strong left fielder they had looked for. Although they had a rough start with losing some players and moral going low, they still managed to pull off winning the 1986 World Series and finish the season with 108 wins. The best season the Mets have seen since they started. But this was to be the last world series they won.

New York Mets 1986 World Series

            The 1994 season was cut short by a national baseball player strike. This would leave the Mets with a season of 55-58 score. The biggest blow was Dwight Gooden testing positive for drugs. This was the end of his career with any baseball team.

1995 breathed new life into the team by adding two new pitchers. The rookie pitchers Bill Pulsipher, and Jason Isringhausen help to bring the team a little closer in the second half of the year. This gave them a better finish by ending the season with a 69-75 season.

In 1996, the season saw a new change by adding rookie pitcher Paul Wilson, but was short-lived when all three pitchers suffered arm injuries. The season was not a total loss though, Todd Hundley became the first catcher to hit 41 home runs and Lance Johnson collected 17 triples while play the right corner. This season finished with the Mets making a 71-91 record.

1997 would be the new manage Bobby Valentine’s first full season with the NY Mets. Although is managerial style seemed odd, it brought the team out of their losing streak by finishing the season with 88-74 record. Raising them to a standard to challenge for the National League Wild Card position.

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The NY Mets acquired their first superstar catcher when a deal was made for Mike Piazza. Piazza would replace Todd Hundley who was recovering for the first part of the 1998 season. This left Hundley’s career undecided who failed miserably at left fielder. Finishing only one game short of the playoffs with a 88-74 season.

The 1999 season would be full of changes and surprises. Three coaches were fired and replaced, this caused the Mets to start playing the type of baseball everyone knew they could. Bringing them into first place within six weeks for the All-Star break. This however was short-lived when they lost to the Atlanta Braves. The biggest highlight of the season was the Grand Slam by Robin Ventura.

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During the 1999 off-season the NY Mets tried to change things up a bit by making a trade with the Houston Astros. This brought them two new players. Derek Bell is known to be a powerful hitter and this showed as he became the best hitter for the NY Mets within the first month. This however was short-lived, as an ankle injury kept him out of the rest of the season. Mike Hampton was well-known as the best hitting pitcher. His career lead him to receive 5 Silver Slugger Awards and the first pitcher to win a Gold Glove Award.

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The NY Mets have had both up and down season, but have managed to pull out some spectacular player achievements. Their record includes twelve NY Mets Hall of Famers and  four Ford C. Frick award recipients. Tom Seaver is the only Mets player to be shown as the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 1969. He is also the only player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with the Mets and to have is number retired by the Mets.