Derek Jeter and Steroids

What if Derek Jeter got caught using Steroids?


What would happen to Major League Baseball if Derek Jeter got caught using Steroids? What would that do to sports in general? Would anyone, in any sport, ever be above suspicion again?

Derek Jeter New York Yankees

Derek Jeter is the poster boy for Baseball, even if you hate the Yankees and hate Derek Jeter you cant deny the guy plays the game the right way. If you want to teach your son or a young kid how to play baseball all you would need to do is point to Jeter and say watch him, follow everything he does. He is a walking text book and guide on how to play the game correctly. He also represents himself off the field in the same manner, you never have and hopefully never will, hear of any legal issues, fights, drugs or scandals involving Jeter. In this day and age with 24/7 media coverage and everyone with a camera phone looking to jump at an opportunity to bring an athlete down, that is impressive. That is why it would be absolutely devastating to not just baseball, but all of sports, if he was ever caught cheating.

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Jeter is approaching the age where most guys at his position are nearing retirement, yet Jeter has made no mention of retiring in the near future. Jeter could very well play into his 40’s and that would raise suspicion if he is still playing at a high level. We tend to forget that most of these athletes start playing ball as early as 5 years old, just think of all the wear and tear a player accumulates after 30-35 years of playing and training. When the body eventually breaks down from the physical abuse and no longer responds like that of a 20 year old, steroids at the very least has to become a though in even the most straight edge players. I am willing to bet that a large amount of people would have ever suspected Andy Pettitte of steroids before he got caught. Also take into consideration that most of these athletes have been great for those 30-35 years and now they are seeing younger, faster, stronger guys coming into the league. Less talented players out performing you, or playing for that last big contract before retirement, don’t forget what makes these guys great is their competitive nature and willingness to do whatever it takes to win, and steroids gives those players that edge.


Steroids not only provides added strength and stamina but it helps with recovery, and in your 30’s and 40’s you are not recovering as quickly. Jeter has been around a fair share of steroid abusers (Clemens, Pettitte, Giambi, Canseco, Sheffield, ARod, not to mention who ever used and never got caught) to know the benefits of steroid use, especially when it comes to prolonging a career. Athletes are competitive and many of them are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top. Its an addiction like anything else.


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I feel most of baseball is on some type of undetected steroid, or borderline illegal supplement. The NFL, NBA, NHL, college all these leagues have a steroid issue. Just because they do random testing or proclaim they are against steroid use means nothing. The owners know, the mangers know, other players know who is taking what. The problem is all these people involved are making money and winning ball games because of it. You cant compete without doing it.  The mentality is that it is worth the risk, you cant void championship rings and contracts because of steroid use, so why stop?

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Look I am not naive to what goes on, you can walk into any gym today and find a large percentage of men AND woman using steroids. My gym, I would say is 70% and these are guys who are not making millions dollars. These are guys who want to feel strong and get more girls when the beach opens and the weather gets nicer. So how could someone be surprised if an athlete gets involved with steroids.

Derek Jeter New York Yankees

I would be disappointed but I would completely understand why if Jeter ever decided to do juice. Can you think of any other athlete in pro sports today that can’t afford to get caught with steroids? If he got caught you can officially say everyone is on some type of illegal substance or steroid.  It then raises a good question If everyone is doing it, is it even an advantage anymore but instead just a level playing field? You want to rid sports of steroids void contracts, drop scholarships, and create a lifetime ban….end of story steroids are gone.

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Hopefully Jeter knows whats on the line and never puts himself in this position. If Jeter ever decided to do steroids and gets caught he not only destroys his own legend, he cripples baseball and possible all of sports and that is not worth the risk. Jeter stands for me, and many others the last real hope that you don’t have to resort to using steroids to still be successful…. but I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if he did.