Manager of the Year

The best baseball manager in the country resides in a small town in middle Tennessee. His name is Wink Chatterfield. A smallish man, with a height that would only make a child jealous and a weight bordering on a sack of flour, Chatterfield is an icon in his field. He has all the smarts to be great but his key to

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The Downside of the Upside

‘Upside’ is a dangerous term. It’s not as outwardly dangerous as say, ‘projectile vomit’ or ‘written by Jason Whitlock’ but to basketball general managers, nothing is scarier than upside. It makes people lose their jobs.

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NBA age limit: Gift or Curse?

Father's Day 2012 Memorabilia

LeBron JamesKobe BryantKevin Garnett. These guys are physical freaks of nature and their skill levels coming out of high school were head and shoulders above anyone else their own age. Due to this, they decided to skip college and take their talents straight to the pros,

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Minneapolis Golf Open Dream

A cool, almost imperceptible breeze saunters through the gallery. Foreshadowing Henrique Cordova’s demise perhaps? The fans, friends and relatives in the crowd surely hope not. Cordova has been known to fall victim to late-game jitters before though. Just last year, at this very same Minneapolis Open,  Cordova’s

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Backyard Baseball

Frank Thomas stepped up to the plate. The most feared hitter in all the land brought shivers through the spines of opposing pitchers. No one could sneak a pitch by The Big Hurt, especially with men on base.”

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A manager’s dilemma – Dress Code

What do you do when an employee dresses “inappropriately” in an office without an official or rigid dress code?

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I have seen this problem rear it’s head many times and in different scenarios.

Scenario #1 – An employee that wears, what some would call offensive, explicit T-shirts.  Not everyone is offended, but one or two employees may be.  As a manager, you may not think the shirt is offensive, however, you still need to be responsive to the complaining employee.  In this scenario I would suggest having the complaining employee email you their complaint, or verbalize with witness present.  After doing so, you can approach the “offending” employee and ask them not to wear that shirt to the office again.  You need not reveal the identity of the complaining employee at this point or ever if it matter is put to rest.

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